Where to buy views on YouTube and get real subscribers

Sooner or later any user should resolve an issue how to buy and increase real views on YouTube, especially at a stage of development of the channel when natural methods don't work yet.

Among all other factors, the number of views videos has direct and greatest influence on their ranging in search delivery of YouTube views and placement in headings of tapes of users. But search also promotes increase views. The vicious circle which natural methods help to break off turns out.

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Natural methods of increase in number of YouTube views and likes

Without search real YouTube views are collected due to advance of the channel with a large number of subscribers, likes, comments and distribution of video to networks by visitors from mojomarketplace by means of the Share button. The audience also comes from blogs or other social networks where the video is placed, but the level of a advancement of resources and accounts is here too important.

If there is no all this, then even the most fascinating videos can remain unnoticed. That it not to allow and buy 100k real views on YouTube, need to resort to force methods.

How and where to buy real views on youtube

To buy views and likes on YouTube:

To purchase real YouTube views on video in these services need:

  • To be registered;
  • To earn the credits (or real money for PayPal) on task performance (views, likes, subscribers);
  • To create a task for viewing of your roller, having specified it to url and having established the price for accomplishment.

Process of earnings of the credits is facilitated by programs which write specially under these services and extend through file hosting services, and such software (Viewer program) directly from the website suggests to download vagex.

Also, the program for autosurfing can buy 1 million youtube views cheap for $1500. The principle of its work the same, as services (interchange), but all tasks are performed automatically. Such programs are downloaded, adjusted and controlled in interfaces of the websites.

But, despite the presented ways to simplify a problem of a purchase, there are essential shortcomings:

  • Video are watched not only by people, but also boats;
  • Many real views aren't set off if the video wasn't finished loading, and the surfer has left the page or guards of YouTube have found the purchase fact;
  • To buy YouTube views for $200, subjecting to suspicion of "evil intentions" the accounts.

These problems are partially solved by purchase of real views.